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St. Lucia: Young, Tech Savvy Service in a Tropical Paradise

A stable business environment with a high-potential labor market, learn why St. Lucia is quickly becoming a preferred destination for contact center services in the Caribbean.

Location Overview

In June 2020, we launched our site in St. Lucia to further enhance our global services footprint.

Our site has brought about a premium nearshore solution that boasts world-class purpose-built facilities that set a new standard for global services on the island. Located on the south coast in Vieux Fort, our site is only a stone’s throw from the airport and top-rated hotels.

In less than a year after opening, we built and launched the 2nd facility on the site in response to the strong demand from both clients and locals. A skilled and enthusiastic workforce with low rates of attrition and absenteeism, we are a known employer-of-choice for an untapped educated workforce.

St Lucia is a politically and economically stable country with twenty-first-century technological infrastructure and an excellent education system. itel’s local team is part of the young, tech-savvy professionals who have a great mindset for delivering a world-class customer experience. Seen as a high-priority growth sector by the Government, our contact center is supported by the country’s vision to create world-class jobs for the new economy. What’s more, the recent expansion of Hewanorra International Airport provides even more accessibility to this island nation, which enjoys relative proximity to nearshore markets.

A High-potential destination

Why St. Lucia?

Learn why St. Lucia is a high-capability nation for global services.


St. Lucia has a high level of workforce capability, with worldliness, sophistication, and fluency in global commerce. The population is young, tech-savvy, and hardworking. This presents an opportunity in St. Lucia to meet labor gaps in areas such as Legal, FinTech, Web Services, and Medical.

Dedication to their trade

Our team members want to stay and grow with us. The St. Lucia workforce has a low turnover rate of about 5-7%, which is above industry standards.

Knowledge-Focused Opportunities

The talent in St. Lucia has advanced analytical and technical skills, and an eagerness to develop higher degrees of specialized expertise, which why global service companies like ours thrive here.


Our site in St. Lucia makes it highly accessible to clients all over the world. St. Lucia is not only close to the regional and nearshore markets of North America, South America, and CARICOM member states, but is also only a short 8-hour flight to Europe.

Minimal hurricane risk

St. Lucia presents minimal to no hurricane risk. The island nation sits just below the “hurricane belt,” making it less prone to major weather events. But in the event of a natural disaster, our site is equipped with security and safety measures to keep our team safe.

Robust Infrastructure

With modern technological infrastructure, world-class uptime, and bandwidth, St. Lucia is equipped for efficiency. The fiber optic ring around the island supports our site operations, enables redundancy, and dedicated internet access.

At the Forefront of Growth

St. Lucia Site

itel offers a welcoming, multi-facility, modern workplace in a tropical paradise. itel St. Lucia is located in the Hewanorra Free Zone in Vieux-Fort two minutes from the international airport and 5 minutes from award-winning hotels.

The facility has a campus-like feeling with an outside open-air dining center to drive employee satisfaction. The operations are built to accommodate a hybrid of work-at-home and on-premise workforce for optimized and secure service delivery.

As the leading contact center in the South of the island, we have access to a strong talent pool within a 50-mile radius who see itel as an exciting employer of choice. We are well-positioned to benefit from the Government’s push to turn the South into a booming economic center for world-class jobs.


Converting a Factory Shell into a World Class Facility

Less than 6 months after launching our first building in the Hewanorra Freezone, we hit ground on our second building at the same site. The two buildings are adjoined by an open air dining facility to round out the campus-like feel. Watch the video and take a little tour.

Managing COVID-19

The St. Lucia center is our first state-of-the-art COVID-19 ready facility designed around the established international and local health and safety protocols and requirements. The facilities feature outdoor lunch and wellness centers, ergonomic workspaces that allow for social distancing between employees, plenty of fresh air, traffic flow design through common areas, ventilation built to international ASHRAE standards for indoor air quality.

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