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Flexible customer experience management that lets you predict and pivot on-demand.

There is no option to “set it and forget it” when it comes to high-quality customer experience. Today, it’s the most nimble and creative organizations that are able to deliver safe, seamless, and omnichannel service.

Customer Care

Powered By People, Enhanced By Technology.

Your customers have complex needs and emotions. Your business requires efficient and cost-effective service delivery. It’s simple – a living brand needs the right mix of human and machine capabilities for connecting with customers in the right way at the right times.

itel’s customer experience partnership gives you the feedback and responsiveness you need to navigate CX challenges and meet the evolving needs of today’s customers.

Responsive and Personalized

Technical Support

As tech adoption gains strength across generations, users rely on fast and reliable technical support services to optimize their experiences. We offer Tier I and Tier 2 technical support for Telecom, Media, Entertainment, Gaming and E-Commerce clients. Our nearshore and work-at-home service delivery means you tap into a wider talent pool with higher levels of education and experience, which translates into better first call resolution and customer satisfaction.

With adaptive technologies and gamification, our Technology Ambassadors are continuously improving and providing the insights you need to improve your product and your service. From field support, billing, sales and customer care, our Tech Support professionals are empowered and equipped to move quickly to qualify your customer’s needs and resolve issues.

Vital Omnichannel Inputs

Chat & Social with your brand and touch.

Responsive non-voice services are an essential part of today’s modern customer journey. Today’s consumers want options and the move to increased digital customer care is pervading just about every industry and customer experience.

We have proven experience customizing our clients’ end-to-end customer journeys with integrated chat, email, social and other non-voice features orchestrated across specific consumer touchpoints. We do all of this cohesively in your brand voice.

Our daily digital interactions with customers are filled with meaningful dialogue, emotional connections, and expert problem-solving. They drive service to sales conversions and improve response times and customer satisfaction ratings.


Sales conversations that build lasting relationships.

To connect with customers in the right way and at the right time you need both heart and skill. It’s a combination of meaningful engagement with the customer and a tuned-in ability to deliver relevant solutions at all stages of the buying cycle.

We find, engage and acquire customers using both personalized and automated triggers.

We use live voice and non-voice solutions designed to enhance the buying experience of customers. Our intelligent customer journey mapping and investigative contact analysis uncovers opportunities to quickly remove barriers and increase sales.

Receivables Management

Receivables Management backed by empathy and experience.

Retain clients and get them back on track with itel’s Receivables Management services. We offer first and third-party collections services from our nearshore service delivery locations. The Caribbean is renowned for its excellence in collections. Our English-speaking agents care for your customers with empathy and the highest degree of courtesy and respect. They are able to relate to the cultures of different countries across the world, making it easy to build a rapport and resolve debts. We increase the rate of collections using intelligent Customer Contact and Dialler Management strategies.

itel is HIPAA and PCI compliant to protect your customer’s confidentiality and data privacy.

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