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itel’s Flexible CX Saves an Insurance Agency $200K per Year

September 21, 2021

Serving American customers for over 50 years, this licensed insurance agency is ranked as a leader in customer satisfaction. Since 2017, itel has delivered nearshore customer support from the Bahamas and through onshore inbound sales with licensed Property & Casualty agents operating in 22 states, contributing to the company’s stellar reputation by keeping customers happy.

In 2021, we introduced a cost-saving method to manage the influx in call volume. All licensed sales agents are now trained in customer support, allowing them to double as customer support agents when needed, taking up to 50 support calls each day.

The Goals:

  • To respond to a sudden, sustained influx in call volume in a cost-effective way
  • To introduce a flexible model that works with peak sales periods

The Approach:

  • Increase productivity of licensed sales agents by training them in customer support
  • Sales agents increased their daily call intake from 20 sales calls per day to 70 calls in total (20 sales calls and 50 customer support calls, daily, per agent)
  • Created the itel Sales University: a set of both e-learning & instructor led training to develop sales mastery among licensed agents

The Results:

  • With each licensed sales agent now handling 50 customer support calls per day, the company is saving $200,000 on an annual basis
  • We maintain a Quote to Call Rate above 60% and an Average Handle Time of 7 minutes and 37 seconds
  • Our Close Rate is 25.2%

In previous years, our onshore sales team was only dedicated to sales. Now we have a hybrid team onshore, with licensed Property & Casualty sales agents handling customer support calls in addition to quoting and enrolling new policy members.

This helps our client manage the increase in call volume in two different lines of business, and our team has tripled their overall productivity by successfully transitioning into hybrid agents.

Would you like to know what we can do for your business? Learn more about our cost-saving CX solutions for the Insurance Industry.

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