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Client in Genetic Sciences Sees 4-Point Increase in CSAT & Issue Resolution Scores

July 28, 2022

As one of the most trusted brands in genetic sciences, this client offers health assessment services to millions of global subscribers. Due to their high call volumes, this client needed additional voice support for their customer care services. By their second month, itel agents produced the highest Issue Resolution (IR) and Customer Satisfaction scores (CSAT), surpassing other business lines and outsourced teams by 2-4 points in both categories.  

With such a large customer base, this client currently holds a split outsourcing portfolio, with different vendors managing separate business lines. In October 2021, this client partnered with itel to supply voice agents for their customer service.  

Our thorough and rigorous onboarding process involved a comprehensive training curriculum, customized to the client’s business line and specific requirements. Backed by a comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) process, to address any potential knowledge gaps through itel’s advanced micro learning platform and individualized coaching sessions.  

“If an agent sees a downward trend in scoring or receives a bad customer survey, we find the root cause,” explains the account’s Operations Manager at itel. “Then, using one-on-one coaching, we work toward improvements.”   

Speech to text capability and call analytics allow QA teams to monitor voice interactions in real-time, so they can coach agents directly and assess their progress. While agents receive help from integrated technologies, such as voice keyword recognition and sentiment analysis, which allows them to quickly detect customer issues and to proactively de-escalate any potential problems.  

 This approach resulted in the highest issue resolution and CSAT scores, surpassing other service teams by an average of 2-4 points.  

The Goals:  

  • Support high call volumes with voice customer service agents who are business-specific profiled and trained  
  • Attain consistent CSAT targets within range of 85-86 or higher  
  • Attain consistent IR targets within range of 82-84 or higher  
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction and query response times  

The Approach:  

  • Agents benefit from targeted performance action plans, weekly performance reviews with Supervisors   
  • Quality training tools that watch agent performance and customer feedback  
  • Use of itel’s agent platform that monitors 100% of calls, with real-time data analytics and live call monitoring, to respond to customer issues during a call, not after  
  • Employ sentiment analysis to proactively de-escalate potential concerns and supply personalized interactions   
  • Regular alignment meetings with client to review KPI (Key Performance Indicators) performance and targets   

The Results:  

  • Achieved highest average IR score of 85-86%, surpassing other teams by 2-3 points  
  • Attained an average CSAT score of 86-87.6%, surpassing other teams by 1-2 points  
  • 4-point increase in CSAT by 2nd month; 4.4-point increase in IR by 2nd month  
  • Trending the highest KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) out of all outsourced customer service teams  

This client now benefits from reduced customer wait times, and with itel’s support, is better able to handle sudden influxes of calls. Overall customer satisfaction rates have risen, and many customers have remarked that itel agents are particularly thorough, helpful, and inviting, and provide the empathy needed to resolve complex customer issues and concerns.  

 “Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” remarks the team’s ops manager. “And on the client-side, they’ve expressed on multiple occasions that they are very impressed with us, especially when it comes to escalations and the speed at which we respond to them.”  

 Going forward, itel will continue to provide top-tier customer service, with the aim of increasing the number of voice agents and expanding into digital services, supporting the client’s customer-facing email channels.  

Like to know more about itel’s cost-effective, flexible, and scalable CX solutions? Click here to find out why we are an ideal nearshore partner.  

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