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Unique “Chill Spaces” Offer a Fun Take on Office Design

itel’s Chill Spaces are reinventing the boring employee breakroom, with vibrant nature-inspired designs and all the comforts of home. Learn more...

Mothers: It’s OK to Be Proud of Being a Working Mom

There’s a growing movement to shed "working mom guilt" and find pride in working motherhood. Here's how to do it, with real tips from itel's moms.

The People Behind itel’s International Health and Safety Team

Meet the unsung heroes of the workplace, the people behind itel's Employee Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) team, responsible for managing and maint...

Meet Ms. Angie: itel’s First Lady of Facilities

Everyone in the Montego Bay office knows Ms. Angie, who’s in charge of facility maintenance. Meet the woman who ensures the itel “house” is alwa...

To Grow, Cryptocurrency Companies Need Better Customer Care

Many people are intrigued by cryptocurrency. But the thing that stands in the way of mass adoption is sub par customer support.

Employee Wellness the Focus During Health & Safety Month  

A lot goes on behind the scenes of a smooth-running workplace. For World Health Day, we thought it fitting to lift the veil and explain the vital resp...

4 Ways Your CX Can Boost Travelers’ Trust & Bookings

Travel is resuming. But people still have lingering concerns that keep them from booking. Here's 4 ways companies can use CX to win travelers back.

Meet Jamel Brown: One of itel’s Rising Stars

For itel’s “Year of You”, we wanted to highlight employee success stories, starting with Jamel Brown, Operations Supervisor at itel Montego Bay,...

itel’s Innovation Lab Offers Clients New Ways to Solve CX Challenges

At itel's Innovation Lab, clients can find new, exciting ways to enhance their customer experience. Learn more about this innovation powerhouse.

Younger Consumers Demand Digital-First Customer Experience

If you’re going to digitize your customer experience, do it fast. Here's why younger consumers will not forgive brands who fail to adopt new tech an...