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The People Behind itel’s International Health and Safety Team

Meet the unsung heroes of the workplace, the people behind itel's Employee Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) team, responsible for managing and maint...

Meet Ms. Angie: itel’s First Lady of Facilities

Everyone in the Montego Bay office knows Ms. Angie, who’s in charge of facility maintenance. Meet the woman who ensures the itel “house” is alwa...

To Grow, Cryptocurrency Companies Need Better Customer Care

Many people are intrigued by cryptocurrency. But the thing that stands in the way of mass adoption is sub par customer support.

Employee Wellness the Focus During Health & Safety Month  

A lot goes on behind the scenes of a smooth-running workplace. For World Health Day, we thought it fitting to lift the veil and explain the vital resp...

4 Ways Your CX Can Boost Travelers’ Trust & Bookings

Travel is resuming. But people still have lingering concerns that keep them from booking. Here's 4 ways companies can use CX to win travelers back.

Meet Jamel Brown: One of itel’s Rising Stars

For itel’s “Year of You”, we wanted to highlight employee success stories, starting with Jamel Brown, Operations Supervisor at itel Montego Bay,...

itel’s Innovation Lab Offers Clients New Ways to Solve CX Challenges

At itel's Innovation Lab, clients can find new, exciting ways to enhance their customer experience. Learn more about this innovation powerhouse.

Younger Consumers Demand Digital-First Customer Experience

If you’re going to digitize your customer experience, do it fast. Here's why younger consumers will not forgive brands who fail to adopt new tech an...

itel earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Nearshore Customer Value Leadership Award

As one of the fastest-growing customer experience providers in Latin America and the Caribbean and one of the rising stars in the nearshore space, ite...

Want More Brand Love? Look to Your EX

Most companies want to build brand love and long-term relationships with their customers. Here's why that can't happen without looking to your EX.

itel Helps Companies Digitally Transform CX Capabilities

When it comes to customer experience, digital services aren’t just preferred. They're expected. Here are tips for accelerating your digital transfor...

The Lessons of 2021 I’ll Be Bringing into 2022

itel Founding Chairman & CEO, Yoni Epstein, shares with us the lessons he'll be taking into 2022 and why itel has declared this year the "Year of You"...

2022 Outsourcing Predictions

Learn about the “Great Shift” and 4 other trends in CX outsourcing that experts predict will shape the coming year...

Retail Client Sees Agent Success Rates Boosted by 75% Thanks to New Way of Working

With a wide variety of customers, this leading office retailer found it challenging to meet customer expectations and observed a sudden decline in the...

Connecting Tech to Enable Human Connection

Customer service is no longer a numbers game. Learn why CX providers are investing in new technologies that put human connection first.

itel Brightens the Holidays Through Donation Drives in Jamaica

itel's 4Ys Foundation brought holiday cheer to those in need by collecting and donating essential items to charitable organizations in Jamaica.

itel’s 4Ys Foundation Adopts an Island This Holiday Season

This December, itel decided to go above and beyond its much-needed food and toy drives in Jamaica as its 4Ys Foundation adopts a Guyanese island.

Contact Centers Can be Safe Workplaces, Even During COVID

As companies return to pre-pandemic business levels and employees return on-site, there’s still fear and uncertainty about working in a contact cent...

Leading Caribbean Utility Provider Reduces Call Times by 14 Percent

Before itel assumed 100% of their customer support, this leading Caribbean utility company struggled with long customer wait times and an inefficient ...

Era of “Super Agents”- Boosting Performance with the Latest Tech

Many CX companies love to throw around tech buzzwords. But how are the latest technologies being used in the real world to enhance agent performance?

itel’s Flexible CX Saves an Insurance Agency $200K per Year

Serving American customers for over 50 years, this licensed insurance agency is ranked as a leader in customer satisfaction. Since 2017, itel has cont...

Meet the Team Part 2: Our Experience & Activations Team

In part two of our “Meet the Team” series, we continue our deep dive into itel's leadership with our Experience & Activations Team. These ...

The “Workcation”: Next Big Travel Market Needs Unique CX

A new way of remote working is gaining popularity, the “workcation”. It's an up and coming travel segment that itel is uniquely positioned to ser...

Itel’s Geo-Diversity Gives Brands a Big Advantage

As companies continue to diversify their customer experience (CX) models, nearshore locations have become highly desirable. Yet, have you ever wondere...

Where’s My Package? Why Fulfillment Challenges Affect CX

While the global pandemic led to a surge in online shopping, this also resulted in supply chain issues that made the delivery experience more critic...

Leading digital retailer of personalized products expands into Saint Lucia with 92% CSAT scores and record-low attrition

When the global pandemic hit, business instantly became unpredictable for the leading digital retailer and manufacturer of high-quality personalized p...

COVID-Ready Buildings Feature Modern Environmental Design

Learn more about itel's modern environmental design, which seeks to transform the contact center space into innovative, inspirational workplaces, with...

Meet The Team Part One: Our Strategic Growth & Development Leaders

itel has long been sought after for its smart solutions and valuable insights when it comes to delivering a superior customer experience (CX) for some...

Unveiling a New Brand: The itel Team Welcomes a New Look

The itel brand has a new look and employees were lucky to get a sneak peek at the new name, logo, and itel’s ambitious new vision for the future …

U.S. third-party collections agency drives growth in collections revenue through optimized and cost-effective nearshore team

itel was selected as the vendor of choice and now handles collections for a mix of low to super high accounts across financial services, retail and te...

Global insurance company meets customer demand with itel Work-at-Home

More than ever the insurance industry has embraced “customers serving customers” to provide meaningful customer experiences.

Leading U.S. telecom company sees 130% increase in monthly sales with new itel sales team.

They chose itel as their nearshore service delivery partner to help recruit the best sales talent and increase revenue.

Chat service provider adapts to variety of client service changes offered in response to pandemic.

As query volumes returned to steady numbers, in-person Sales and Service appointments reduced by well over 50%.

Chat service provider for elite messaging experience powered by human interaction.

itel helps to deliver on their promise to create dynamic conversations to build trust and relationships that deliver results.

U.S. telecommunications company hires and retains top sales talent with competitive bonus structure and talent optimization platform.

With a legacy of providing exceptional customer experiences, a large U.S. telecommunications company began finding it difficult to hire and retain top...

Leading hospitality brand emerges stronger after months-long service pause at onset of pandemic

In response to the global pandemic, Reservations and Customer Care operations were closed for one of the world’s largest hospitality companies from ...

The world’s fastest growing hospitality company increases reservation bookings on inbound calls by 20%

itel is proud to help create memorable experiences for guests by making Reservations for a company that sets the worldwide standard for hospitality.

Hotel brand increases referral rate to exclusive vacation ownership program by 18%

Working with this hospitality brand, we saw an opportunity to increase the number of guests transferred to the vacation ownership program for enrollme...

5 Ways AI is Taking Over Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic that has been on the lips of almost everyone for half a decade.

A Case Study of COVID-19 BPO Business Resilience

COVID-19 has made 2020 challenging for all sectors, including customer experience management. The pandemic that spread early in the year has been one ...

What Did 2020 Teach Me About Navigating Uncertainty?

Every business leader knows that uncertainty is one of the greatest challenges we all face.

Building the Culture of a Modern BPO in the Shadow of Zappos

The founder of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, passed away in tragic circumstances recently at the far-too-early age of 46.

3 Reasons to Invest in Employee Experience

Employee experience plays a significant role in keeping any company ahead of the game.

5 Reasons Collections is More Than Chasing People for Money

Being a collections agent isn’t always easy.