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we're more than a company. we're family

Our Culture

We’re fueled by passionate people and innovative workspaces designed to spur innovation, excite employees and sustain productivity.

Employee Experience Matters

We foster a unique and engaging company culture that enables genuine client partnerships.

Our engaging, family-like culture brings out the best in our team and enables a tailored approach with partners and customers.

Committed to the EX=CX philosophy, itel employees benefit from our continuous investment in training and career development, community outreach, inspiring workspaces, and fun. Yes, we said it. Fun!

we embrace Diversity without exclusion

All too often, company cultures are divided by generational gaps, hierarchy, and individual differences. But, at itel, we see things differently.

We strongly believe in collaboration and building cohesion because the greatest ideas and the best problem-solving comes from diverse perspectives and experiences.


Our Spaces

We have the happiest, most inspiring, and productive workplaces in the industry.

The physical and virtual spaces we design and the tools we provide enhance performance and employee satisfaction. They are purpose-built to maximize employee comfort, boost productivity, and inspire creativity. Our employees like coming to work, and it’s a bonus for our clients who enjoy coming for site visits.

An exciting environment

Your brand thrives in an environment that looks and feels good.

We nurture a casual and fun work environment, which spurs creative thought and productiveness. We embrace this approach through:

  • Casual attire that embraces positive self-expression
  • Comfortable and spacious workstations
  • On-site banking and access to other personal conveniences
  • Vibrant wall art and decor
  • Employee wellness facilities and programs
  • Social ‘chill’ spaces
"My first response is always: Let’s ask itel and see what they can do."
Sr. Manager of Outsource Partner Operations, eCommerce Company
Ideas flow freely

Open Door Policy

Processes, not red tape, are key to staying nimble without sacrificing quality. We remove barriers from decision-making and responsiveness by maintaining a flat organizational structure with easy access to leadership.

The aim is to keep things simple, so we can solve problems quickly and help you pivot when necessary and pursue new opportunities.

More than just a place to work

Good environmental design creates experiences and moments for positive interaction.

We want team members to foster relationships across units and with clients. So, we’ve created comfortable and eye-catching places where they can share ideas and solutions or just have a chat.

Relaxed Collaboration Moments

Sweet Spots for Client Visits

Productive workspaces and a collaborative culture are just a part of our story.

We treat every employee and every customer like family. That’s the ‘itel way’.