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Caribbean & Latin America

Nearshore Customer Experience Management

On-Site and Work-at-Home Operations in the Caribbean and Latin America

Nearshore Overview

With operations in Jamaica, Bahamas, St. Lucia, and Mexico, our nearshore solutions support businesses like yours who want increased redundancy, operational flexibility, and minimized risks.

itel sites in each region offer a conducive business environment and modern infrastructure to guarantee reliable service for your business.

Each site is supported by a strong local talent pool that sees the growing global services industry as an opportunity for professional development and career growth that will position them for the future.

Excited and ready to work in a cutting-edge international industry, they bring a great mindset for delivering world-class customer experiences. This stems from the region’s history of tourism and a strong cultural affinity with the markets we’re serving.

Our nearshore solutions across the Caribbean and Latin America present a cost-effective, geographic advantage for optimized customer engagement at scale to support growth.

If your business is ready to excel in the new economy, our nearshore teams are ready to help.

The Benefits of Nearshore

Why cutting-edge businesses choose Nearshore Solutions in the Caribbean and Latin America

Central and Latin America have quickly become go-to destinations for North American companies seeking quality CX delivery to enhance their services. Our ample experience in these regions allows us to go above and beyond to support them.

Changes in the way people work and conduct business were accelerated by COVID-19. The drive to stay closer to home, manage remote teams, adjust to rapid digitization and heighten cyber security was already underway. Now, even more businesses are attracted to closer shores that offer compelling nearshore options to optimize their customer experience delivery.

That’s because, without question, nearshore services provide the most cost-effective and efficient ways to minimize risk, enhance nimbleness and flexibility, and drive customer satisfaction.

The Proximity

Close locations and timezone alignment to the United States and Canada offer your business greater visibility into our operations, so you can see firsthand how we support you. Not to mention, shorter air travel, which means less time away from home.

It's Cost-effective

With competitively priced solutions, your business will have greater stability and control, for less.

Access a Skilled Talent Pool

Tap into an educated workforce exposed through the tourism industry to some of the best hospitality practices in the world. With industry-specific training and the right tools in hand, they enthusiastically provide top tier service and support.


There’s a large English-speaking population with easy accent neutralization

This means ease of communication and greater connection for both you and your customer.


Our nearshore solutions offer a modern infrastructure to support geo-redundancy and operational efficiencies for your business. We can quickly navigate business processes and produce quality service for less.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Leading U.S. telecom company sees 130% increase in monthly sales with new itel sales team.

They chose itel as their nearshore service delivery partner to help recruit the best sales talent and increase revenue.
Case Studies

The world’s fastest growing hospitality company increases reservation bookings on inbound calls by 20%

itel is proud to help create memorable experiences for guests by making Reservations for a company that sets the worldwide standard for hospitality.
Case Studies

Chat service provider for elite messaging experience powered by human interaction.

itel helps to deliver on their promise to create dynamic conversations to build trust and relationships that deliver results.

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